Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Experience

Well...My experience in creating this blog?
It was kind of fun.
For beginners it be really interesting but because I'm not a beginner, i understand how to create blogs at my fingertips! This SST blog is my forth blog already so it was kind of less fun and more work...
You might ask me why. Well to be honest, Blogging is kind of out-dated now so yup...less fun and more of work.
Anyway, Blogging can be a part of learning in SST because i am sure that ALL secondary 1 students have blogs now and so does the teachers so if we need any help at school work or whatsoever, we can communicate by blogging and if we saw or learnt something new, we can share in on our blog and our fellow friends would learn too! Like that, we can share interesting facts and that way, it be a part of learning in SST already!

Eunice <3

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